Thursday, March 6, 2014

Crafting Shooting Sticks, Part 1

I stopped by Home Depot today, thinking I could get some dowel rods to use for shooting sticks.  Unfortunately, HD's dowel rods cap at 4', not nearly long enough for use while standing.  So, off to the garden section I went.  My initial thought was to get some 3/4" bamboo poles, but again, no such thing was available.  I picked up a six pack of roughly 3/8" bamboo, but they are far too flimsy for my purposes.  Right next to them, however, were some 6'-long, 3/4"-thick polymer-sheathed, steel-core garden stakes.  Surprisingly lightweight, and reasonably priced, I think they might make a good two-legged set of sticks when linked with a piece of old inner-tube.  I also picked up a pair of 1"x1/2"x6' slats, a 5/8"x2" hex bolt, washers and a wing nut to make a hinged set of sticks.  By Sunday, I should have two functional pairs of shooting sticks to test after I fire my first set of handloads.  If either pair works, I'll use them in the safari match at the end of the month.

Pictures will go up once I get them created!


  1. That oughtta work.


  2. I'm gonna get me some of those and try this out myself. Joe C

  3. I use an old photographers monopod. You can still find them all over the place. Having used the expensive bipod ones, the monopods are just as good, collapsible, and a LOT cheaper.