Saturday, March 15, 2014

A beautiful sight

Now that's what I call a productive afternoon.  Since my 59.5gr load shot so well in practice, I decided to load up 40 rounds for the Safari Rifle match two Sundays from now (30 March).  This will let me save my dwindling supply of factory ammo. 

Now, I've loaded almost 60 total rounds of 9.3x62mm, and I was shocked to see that I'm more than halfway through my pound of Big Game.  I'm used to loading mild .38 Special and .44 Special, with about 4-4.5gr of powder per cartridge.  I've been on the same pound of 700x for a year now, and I'm just barely putting a dent into it.  But when you're using almost 60 grains per cartridge, you burn through a pound of powder (7000 grains) in fairly short order.  Time to find a big jug!


  1. I shoot a 338 Lapua 95-100 Grains of powder at a time So I get about 70 rounds out of a pound of Powder

    1. Yup. I can imagine that burns through a lot of powder. Then again, still cheaper than factory ammo in that caliber!

  2. Yes it is. Looking to get a 9.3 x 62 in the Future Looks like a interesting Caliber