Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fine Craftsmanship

I love it when things come together.  I got my Sherry Steele artwork that I ordered at the SCI show.  I ordered four tiles, one of which I gave as a gift to a friend, and the others for myself and my family.  I plan to frame the latter three.  I have to confess, I bought these not only because I loved the artwork, but because Sherry seemed genuinely passionate about her art, and the animals she captured with pen and ink.  She knew I wasn't any kind of high-roller (which were abundant at the show, without a doubt), but she spent probably twenty minutes eagerly talking to me about her methods, her inspirations, and showing me her sketchbooks.

I got the invoice for my Russell boots, which should arrive sometime in mid-June, just in time for me to give them a real hot-weather test in the Arizona summer.  Their customer service also impressed me.  They took detailed measurements of my feet at the show itself, and the gentleman who did the taping called me a few weeks later to clarify some points and ask some pointed questions about my needs and desires in a pair of boots.  I'm really looking forward to getting them and putting them through their paces. 

And last but not least, the Phoenix Rod & Gun Club's Safari Rifle Shoot is this Sunday.  I've done two of these shoots in the past year, and it's always a fun time with great people and beautiful guns.  Where else can you see a fellow rocking an 1880s-vintage Holland & Holland Paradox hammer double with black powder, paper-hulled slugs alongside the latest Ryan Breeding custom .375 H&H bolt gun?  Those guns were meant to be used, and it's great to see what they can do.  Plus, I get to practice techniques and gear loadouts with a bunch of good-natured, jovial folks.

This blog's been somewhat light on pictures thus far.  Mostly, that's because I'm a mediocre (at best) photographer.  I'm hoping to get some good shots at the match on Sunday, though.

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