Saturday, September 13, 2014

Like wearing slippers.

I stopped into the Cabela's today to take advantage of the NRA membership renewal deal, and lo and behold, they had some powder and primers on the shelves! They didn't have any powder that I needed (the only stuff they had that I could use was IMR 4227, of which I have plenty already), but I got a brick of Federal large rifle primers to use for my 9.3x62 in the hopes that they'll ignite more reliably than the Winchesters I've been using.  Time to break out the sonic cleaner and clean some brass!

On a related note, I received my Russell Moccasin Joe's PH boots a while back, and have been wearing them daily to work since then.  I initially wore them indoors only for a few weeks to see if they fit well, and noticed the toe box was a little too tight.  I shipped them back to Russell's with a note, and a few weeks later, they reappeared on my doorstep with a little more toe room.  I wore them indoors for another week, and they felt great.  I've been wearing them as my daily footwear, indoors and out, for about a month now, including some mild hiking in the mountains, daily wear around town, and driving.  I have to say, they're hands-down the most comfortable footwear I've ever owned.  They feel almost like slippers.  They needed minimal break-in, and they feel like they were built specifically for my feet.  Of course, that's because they were built specifically for my feet. 

I took the family up to Prescott for Labor Day weekend, and we ended up letting my boy splash around in the lakes for a bit.  I wore a set of Teva sandals so I could splash along with him, but after about 10 minutes, I really wanted to go put my boots back on.  They are incredibly comfortable.  I've already decided I'm getting a second pair, and the only question is what model.  I think a pair of dress Oxfords is also in my future.

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